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Dr. Sandra Bontemps

Welcome to the Chiropractor who will lead you to health and well-being.

As a patient of Dr. Sandra Bontemps, you will quickly learn that the intention is to identify and treat the specific causes of your individual challenges.  She utilizes her 40+ years of education and training in natural medicine to assist your body to balanced health.

Dr. Sandra Bontemps is a Palm Beach Chiropractor by licensure.  Her North Palm Beach practice combines Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Acupuncture,  Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy and Nutrition. In addition Dr. Bontemps specializes in a detox program using a Far Infrared Sauna and Detox Foot Bath.  She uses these skills to create the best customized treatments based on your individual needs.


Dr. Sandra Bontemps comprehensive approach promotes and restores the whole body to wellness.

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Meet Dr. Sandra Bontemps

Dr. Sandra Bontemps uses her 40 years of experience in a comprehensive approach to restoring whole body wellness.  She has dedicated her life to improving her knowledge and helping others.  She says, “What a pleasure it is, as a patient walks out my door, very often relieved of a burden they have carried for years.  I think what a privilege it is to treat this wonderful person.”
Originally inspired to become a healing practitioner from her own chronic digestive condition which led to a transforming experience, Dr. Bontemps became aware of her ability to help others heal.  She is committed to helping others achieve their natural optimal health.
The body will handle problems as well as it can.  If it needs help it will say so with symptoms.  The symptom may be totally unrelated to the problem the body is working with.  For instance, knee pain is often related to the gall bladder.
Dr. Bontemps interdisciplinary approach assists the body’s own release of the cumulative effects of stress, trauma and injury.  The combination of a light touch and non-invasive therapies perfectly complement medical regimes and have no side effects.
As your doctor, she works to restore balance to your whole body.  Restoring balance to your whole body will allow you to function more efficiently and you will be able to focus on your goals.  Everything improves when your nervous system communicates clearly with your body.
Dr. Bontemps specializes in a detox program using a Far Infrared Sauna and Detox Foot Bath.  She uses these skills to create the best customized treatments based on your individual needs.
Why Choose Dr. Sandra Bontemps?
Dr. Bontemps unique blend of services encompass so much more than back and neck pain:
  1. Your digestive system will absorb more nutrients
  2. Your immune system will fight off more infections even before you feel any symptoms.
  3. Your excretory system will eliminate all toxins and poisons from within your body.
  4. Your circulatory system will continuously supply fresh oxygen and nutrition to your bones, muscles, nerves and organs.
  5. The whole body benefits.
  6. You will feel great too!


"Dr. Sandra rejuvenated my athletic career!"

I walked into her office with a back that had been diagnosed as having compression fractures in three vertebrae in my lower spine.  The first session she released the pain that had been crippling me, due not only to the fractures but also accompanying sciatica pain, muscle spasms and numbness and tingling in my legs, hip and spinal column.

Together we partnered a one month program to remove all pain and inflammation, not only from my back but also my shoulder and hamstrings.  In the process, Dr. Sandra was able to return my bones and soft tissue fibers to a state of flexibility and pliability that they had not known in many years!  Dr. Sandra’s expertise and eclectic wisdom in healing the body is unparalleled to any sports injury program I have ever encountered in my decades as an athlete.

Thirty three days after entering Dr. Sandra’s office I competed in and won my first powerlifting competition since fracturing my back, setting four state and four national records in the process.  I am now rapidly spreading the word to my powerlifting bretheren that Dr. Sandra, with her gentile touch, insightful medical intuition and compassionate nature is far and away the best chiropractor I have ever received treatment from.  She is my chiropractor of choice from here on out!

Larry Bucchioni
25 x World Champion, Drug Free Powerlifting
West Palm Beach, FL

"She listens to what you need..."

My experience with Dr. Bontemps is amazing. She is really knowledgeable in her work. I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s an amazing Chiropractor, absolutely fantastic!

Sandra really is amazing! She works with you, she is caring, she is gentle, she listens to what you need and doesn’t force any thing on you. She makes great recommendations because she is so knowledgeable.

Alex A.,  Jupiter, FL

"...very helpful and energizing..."

Thank you for all of your help with my colon and pelvic problems.  After 4 months of treatment, my colon functioning has improved.  I continue to use the probiotics and enzymes you prescribed.  My pelvic area is more open and relaxed.  I recall the emotional release during your treatment in areas affected by past scarring and negative experiences.  I find the use of blocks very helpful and energizing.  I can feel surges of spinal fluid after craniosacral work.  Thank you again.

A. Quinn

"The very first treatment gave almost an immediate relief."

I have been a patient for one year. I originally started seeing Dr. Bontemps because of a severe injury from weight lifting. The very first treatment gave almost an immediate relief.

I have a sense of well being that I attribute to her treatments and the other things that she has suggested that I do.The three best things I like about her is that she is very competent in her work, she is very gentle and extremely dedicated to me and my well-being as a patient.

Richard C. , Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"...she really gets to parts of my body that others were not able to."

Over the past twenty years I’ve been to three different Chiropractors and they each have their own method. I love Dr. Bontemps method because she really gets to parts of my body that the other techniques and methods were not able to.

"...I recommend her complete commitment to healing..."

My experience with Dr. Bontemps has been extraordinary. She is able to bring her healing techniques  and skills of which there are many to whatever part of my body that needs it. Whether it’s an injury, stress  or something that has been in my body for years.

The reason I recommend Dr. Bontemps to people is her complete commitment to healing and she gives 100% to  you as a patient.

Julianna, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Gail's Story: from Disabled to Totally Abled

How often do we hear the phrase “bone crunching” as a reference to a visit to the chiropractor’s office for treatment, or “bone cruncher” used to designate the chiropractic physician? I thought these were friendly terms and actually used them myself over the years as I sought chiropractic care for various chronic ailments that seemed to be getting worse as the “Big 50” approached and, more recently, the “REALLY Big 60”!

During this ten-year period, I made numerous appointment with qualified educated, experienced, friend-recommended chiropractors who treated my various ailment using standard and acceptable chiropractic procedures. During most of these treatments, I experienced the classic sounds of bones and tissue being moved (more like click/crick/crack and really a crunch, of course) and frequently received immediate, partial, or at times complete relief from pressure or pain in my lower back and neck areas that had shown, with X-rays, to be my trouble spots.

Although I’d look forward to the relief, I always felt some tension awaiting the sound that accompanied the somewhat forceful moves the practitioner caused my body to perform- one leg twisted over the other or arms crossed over my chest while being bear-hugged, for example. Perhaps the scariest sound came from what I refer to as “the surprise neck twist, always the last procedure of the short 10-15 minute session, and although it too brought relief, there was this totally unrealistic but visceral fear that just maybe the practitioner would turn a bit too forcefully and off my head would fly!

Did these several series of treatments, some up to a year or more in commitment on both my part and that of the part of the chiropractor, work? Yes, sort of….as long as I continued to the chiropractor on a regular basis and as long as I didn’t expect anything MORE than some relief from the painful symptoms of the arthritis in my neck and back, the nagging and frequently flaring aches of fibromyalgia and the somewhat mysterious but seemingly crippling effects of what had been diagnosed as post polio syndrome (PPS) resulting from having a non-permanent crippling form of polio in the late 1940’s, the pre-Salk vaccine era. No practitioner suggested that I might be “cured” of my apparent problems; at best, improvement in pain level was hoped for and that would provide an improvement in my quality of life. When the improvement did not occur, I assumed it was because I was physically deteriorating due to the numerous diagnoses of illnesses and that the chiropractors were doing their very best to ward off the inevitable end I saw in my nightmares. I was becoming somewhat resigned to the probability that I was heading for the rest of my life in a wheel chair.

The medical establishment continued to pile on diagnosis after diagnosis paralleled with stronger and stronger pain medication prescriptions: ibuprofen, a series of Naiads, Violin, Percoset, morphine patches (from 25-100mgs), and ultimately two high doses of Oxycontin a day. I continued chiropractic care in an increasingly desperate effort to achieve relief above and beyond the narcotic obliviatory effects of my standard medical pain management treatment. I always kept the medical doctors and chiropractors I was working with aware of each other’s thinking and recommendations. The chiropractors and I were always disappointed that medications were being increased in strength and frequency, but without them, I was truly bed ridden.

Layers of other serious and related problems occurred; with less and less ability to exercise by body (because of increasing pain) and an unbelievable loss of energy, my already aching body began to bloat. I barely had energy to do the cooking for my husband and myself and found myself choosing already-prepared frozen foods that would tout a full meal’s nutrition in the box or simple-to-make combinations such as pasta and jarred sauce. Fresh foods became a disappearing commodity in my refrigerator; I was too tired to shop, prepare, or cook fresh foods. Along with the bloat came added and unwanted pounds. Not only did they cause more stress on my body, they were psychological reminders that being fat wasn’t healthy to begin with and that I was, again, eating poorly and gaining weight at the worst possible time for my well being.

Not surprisingly, an overall fabric of depression enveloped me.

The summer of 1998 led to settling into full disability with all it’s ramifications: many and varied doctor visits including a two-week medical evaluation at one of our country’s finest health clinics; continued chiropractic treatments; a tremendous lessening of intellectual stimulation; and shrinking income thanks to disability policy limitations and restrictions that cut off financial assistance once governmental disability took over at approximately one third of my paltry $36K/year University teaching salary. I think my life “play” button had been replaced by “pause,” and I had no idea how to change that nor did I have much energy to think about it. Whatever energy I had was used up by being disabled, sick, and sick and tired.

In late December of 2001, Dr. Sandra Bontemps, a non-force craniosacral chiropractor (also trained and certified in acupuncture and nutrition) entered my life. She started me off slowly with the changes she felt I could and should make. I cut out wheat (that means white, wheat, semolina, durum, multi-grain flours) and sugar from my diet. I couldn’t imagine living without pasta (I had no idea that pasta could be and was made of things other than wheat and be just as satisfying) or brownies, chocolate chip/chocolate chunk ice cream, or my ultimate addiction, Peanut M&M candies (OK – by the pound bag, not the snack size). To ease this transition, she muscle tested me to determined how many Primadophilus tablets I should take each day to increase the “good bacteria” in my gut (I’ve been taking 6 each morning for about 4 months now). At the same time she prescribed an herb concoction to be taken twice a day (morning and night) mixed with water and some high-grade powdered Vitamin C. I also began taking two digestive bitters tablets after I ate –anything at all! Even if I had a palm-full of organic almonds, I’d swallow down a couple of tablets to assist my body in digesting the food. After all my body had come to a screeching halt in many ways, including  its ability to process food through the digestive tract.

In addition to her gentle, “non-crunching” treatments, everything she prescribed was natural and organic in nature – no harsh chemicals and absolutely no man-made stuff was to go into my body.

She made a few more suggestions; I listened. Now, you have to understand that when she said the “suggestion,” I heard “rule”. In other words, if she suggested I do something, try something, change something, I DID it. My participation in my own well being became total and absolute.

Suggestion #1 was to begin to shop at a health food store for organic vegetables. No, it did NOT raise my food bill because I began to eat less food but much more flavorful foods.

Suggestion #2 was to eat organic, free-range chicken and cold-water fish like salmon, swordfish, or tuna as a protein source and severely limit or even stop eating any animal flesh not properly treated and fed.

Suggestion #3 was to use a castor oil pack 3-4 nights a week before bedtime. I wrap a piece of flannel wool, drenched in castor oil  across my stomach, securing it with an old towel on top, and just gently rub my belly area.

Suggestion #4 was to add some herbal things to my daily living. I gave up all caffeine and began drinking only organic, herbal teas. Dr.Bontemps began to teach me about the healthful effects of food combining. For example, I don’t eat starch and protein at the same meal; I eat small amounts of fruit and never in combination with other foods; and my main food sources are fresh, organic vegetables.

At the 4-month mark of this “new” life, allow me to summarize the positive effects (truly, there are NO negative effects to list at all):

  1. I am pain free.

  2. I am totally drug-free (no morphine patches, no Oxycontin, no anti-depressants, no hormone replacement, not even an aspirin or ibuprofen and my cholesterol dropped 40 points into a perfect HDL/LDL ratio.

  3.  I am nicotine-free (stopped smoking about 3 months into the new life) and not missing it all.

  4.  I have lost dozens of pounds without dieting even one day. Twice weekly non-force chiropractic treatments that allow my body to self-correct, proper nutrition and delicious organic food, and appropriate herbal supplementation seem to have made the difference.

  5. I am “up” 16-18 hours a day instead of “in bed” 16-18 hours a day.

  6. I have energy – real energy. I am working a bit part time for the first time in 4 years.

  7. I exercise regularly. In addition to a weekly Qigong class, I walk 2 miles 3-4 times a week in the early morning as the sun comes up.

  8. I smile a lot

  9. I make plans for a future I now believe I will have.

I amaze my medical doctors who say, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

And so, my idea of what chiropractor is and can do has changed 180 degrees. I know Dr. Bontemps is more than just a chiropractor, has training in many different fields, and clearly incorporates many disciplines in treating her patients, but if you asked her what she does for a living, she’d say, “I’m a chiropractor.” I urge you to look for a health care practitioner who will look at you as an individual who will take the time to discover enough about you to help you make important changes in your living and lifestyle, and who will support and encourage you every step of the way. Ask the right questions, tell the truth about yourself, and be willing to suspend judgment and try a new approach. Miracles could occur – they surely have in my life.

"Dr. Bontemps goes right to the specific point."

When I say my shoulder hurts or my knee hurts Dr. Bontemps goes right to that specific point and I can feel the tightness and the tenderness leave that area.

Through Dr. Bontemps treatments I have been able to stop taking my blood pressure medicine.

My father-in-law started coming to see Dr. Bontemps after open heart surgery and an aortic aneurysm and he was not recovering very well. The difference we saw in his recovery through her treatments was just amazing.

Sandi D.,  Jacksonville, FL.

"I cancelled the surgery."

I have had a problem with my knee for 20 years as a result of a car accident and I was scheduled for orthopedic surgery. I decided as a last effort to see Dr. Bontemps. Dr. Bontemps checked my body and told me I had a jammed hip and that was the problem with the knee. She unjammed the hip and the knee has been fine ever since. I cancelled the surgery.

Dr. Bontemps goes the extra mile all the time. She cares for me, whatever my needs are she meets them.

I live in the Florida Keys and I drive 300 miles roundtrip to visit Dr. Bontemps weekly, I certainly wouldn’t be doing it at all if it wasn’t well worth the effort.

Carol C., Key Largo, FL

The Mason Hulis Story

Mason Hulis, a man in his mid forties, is used to regular physical activity.  He was a regular at the gym several times a week to lift weights, would run four miles four times a week, and owns four dogs whom he walks at least three miles each day.  You’d call Mason an active man.

Problems started with a move for Mason and his wife from Maryland to Florida.  He first packed a 17-foot trailer and drove his wife and dogs south.  He drove himself back north and packed an additional 17-foot trailer and made the trip once again, all within a week’s time.  He did all the lifting and hauling himself, feeling self-assured that he was in excellent physical shape.  After the second trip, he began to experience pains deep in his groin and assumed he’d “pulled a little something” he tried to forget about it, sure it would dissipate.  However, the pain not only continued but also got much worse.  He thought perhaps a hernia had developed as a result of his heavy lifting!

When the pain was unbearable, he went to his primary care physician who immediately did a CAT scan happily ruling out the existence of a hernia.  The doctor put him on a non-steroidal medication.  With no relief in the first week or two, Mason increased his dose of that medication to 600-800 mg per day, hoping that would reduce what the doctor said was inflammation.  At this point, he was unable to do much of anything.  He completely stopped all physical exercise, including the daily dog walking.  He managed to get to work and sat at his computer for 8+ hours a day drinking several cups of caffeinated coffee – and continued to feel miserable!

He found a licensed massage therapist who treated him a couple of times a week, which brought him some relief to his now continuously aching lower back.  With a new house to work on after work and weekends, these treatments did allow him to do a few minor projects but he was never out of pain.

A month or so later, he and his wife were at the local airport on their way to a conference.  Mason suddenly broke into a cold sweat and nausea, and complained of severe light-headedness.  “Perhaps,” he thought, “I just didn’t eat enough food.”  As a matter of fact, all he’d had time for that day was a caffeinated diet soda.  Surely that was the main problem.  After prostrating himself for a few minutes on the floor at the airport, he assured his wife that he’d be OK as soon as he ate a little something and off they went.

The next day, he had a similar experience at a rest stop on the highway.  Again, it passed.

The third day, he and his wife were lunching with their daughter.  Once again, light-headedness overcame him along with nausea and a light sweat.  He excused himself from the lunch table and went to the men’s room.  An immediate bowel movement told him he was in BIG trouble – his stool was black and sticky like tar.  He thought perhaps an old ulcer had reared its ugly self.  A drive to the local emergency room proved that his red blood cell count was indeed dangerously low – half of its normal count and they immediately infused two pints of blood.  A tube into his gut proved that bleeding was occurring and the doctor cauterized the area that had caused the trouble.  It was decided that the non-steroidal medication he had been taking (in doses too large for anyone’s stomach) had been the culprit.  A night in intensive care and five days in the hospital brought Mason to the point of having to face the fact that he had a serious problem to deal with.

With low back pain still dogging him and remnants of problems with a bleeding ulcer, Mason agreed to begin seeing Dr. Sandra Bontemps, a chiropractor and a friend of his wife’s.  Unlike most chiropractors, Dr. Bontemps employs a combination of skills such as non-force chiropractic, craniosacral, neuro-emotional technique, acupuncture, and nutrition consultation.

Dr. Bontemps prescribed an X-Ray of Mason’s spine to verify what her hands were telling her and indeed there was a curvature, several compressed discs, and two bone spurs.  He felt IMMEDIATE relief from the pain in his back after his first visit and saw Dr. Bontemps twice a week for about a month.  In addition to her hands-on skill, Dr. Bontemps also used Scenar machine treatments that help redirect energy through the patients nervous system, specifically helpful for scar tissue.

Dr. Bontemps introduced some dos and don’ts into Mason’s life once the initial crisis had passed.  No heavy lifting and no running topped her list.  However, slowly but surely she did recommend some exercise and he began to walk and bike. Several months later, his exercise regime includes three ten-mile bike rides each week and at least five two-mile walks.  Although he’d like to go back to the gym at some point, he is following the direction of his chiropractor and increasing the complexity of his exercise regime to parallel the healing of his whole body.

Nutrition was the answer to his recurrent stomach ulcers.  Dr. Bontemps asked him to cut out wheat and processed sugar, to increase his consumption of organic live food, especially leafy greens and healthful vegetables and prescribed some pro-biotics each day to increase the “good” bacteria in his digestive system.  A year later, Mason has had NO recurrence of his bleeding ulcer and he is medication-free.  Although he admits to he occasional “cheat” in a restaurant, his body tells him quickly when he’s eaten something it doesn’t want to process and it’s become far easier for him to immediately return to good eating practices because of the instantaneous feeling of well-being he receives.

He’s a “maintenance” patient of Dr. Bontemps now, seeing her once every month or so to keep his body in alignment, by balancing his nervous system and to discuss what new exercises to his regime.

“To be pain free, to have boundless energy, and to feel wonderful is something I never thought could happen,” said Mason.  “Amazingly, I drink many glasses of water each day on her recommendation and am becoming a caffeine-free person.  Dr. Bontemps has added some selected, organic, natural direct-from-the-Amazon herbs to my routine as well.  I like how I feel and I just want to do everything I can to enhance my health and well- being.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Bontemps’ education and skill for truly turning my life around.” 

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